Wooden Stacking Barns and Animals Toy by Melissa & Doug

11-May-2015 by Lisa Bradburn

Six reasons why the Wooden Stacking Barns and Animals Toy is an Educational Supertoy

Here I have highlighted 6 reasons why these fabulous toys by Melissa & Doug are highly educational.

1. Animal recognition and language development

Straight away you can see that these stacking barns and animals help children learn which types of animals live on a farm, and just by asking simple questions such as “Can you find the pig … the cow etc” you can help with their language development. You could also talk about the sounds that the different animals make too!!

stacking barns and animalsstacking farm and animals

2. Matching, counting and number recognition

As each barn and animal have their own numbers, putting each animal into its right home can become both a practical and a mathematical activity…. And by matching the numbers on the barns with the correct number on each farm animal, your child will soon begin to recognize numbers and to match them up correctly as well.

3. Encouraging investigation through play

As this stacking barns and animals toy is interactive i.e. the child is encouraged to pick up the various pieces and play with them, it encourages your child to develop their investigation skills. What does each piece do? How do the pieces all fit together? These are just two of the questions that your child can work out just by having a play.

4. Developing good hand eye co-ordination

As they stack the barns the children are developing their hand / eye coordination and fine motor skills. By carefully placing the barns one on top of the other so as not to demolish the tower they will learn how to move their hands slowly and carefully and learn how to balance items one on top of the other. Carefully placing each animal into its home is also a skill in itself!

5. Understanding size and scale

As the kids build the tower by stacking the barns one on top of the other you can ask them questions such as, “Can you find the biggest barn?“ and “What number is on this barn?” These questions will help to develop your child as you are now talking about different sizes of items and how they fit together. Just by getting the kids to order the barns according to size and numbers will help them understand size and scale in a very practical way. And as the children are stacking the barns, get them to count how many barns are in the tower, how many farm animals they have etc as this will encourage them to learn even more.

6. The Bright Colours

All young children love bright colours! But there is also an educational reason behind the use of bright colours on a toy as it has been shown that strong bright colours encourage children to be creative. With many different colours this toy will stimulate your child in many different ways. ….

and finally………

Don’t forget that they can play with the farm animals and barns in an imaginary play situation. Just add a few more farm animals you may have lying around, a tractor or two and watch as the kids imaginatively play down on the farm!!!

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Written by Lisa Bradburn

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