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31-Aug-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

People are talking about Pinterest everywhere. It seems to appeal to just about everyone, but why?

Did you know that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks online? In such a short time it has become the third largest social network behind Facebook and Twitter. So what is Pinterest and why is it so popular?

I think it’s because it’s really easy to use, very visual and it can be used in many different ways – you can pin anything you want. People use Pinterest to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, keep records of their favorite recipes or simply just pin up their favourite photos and pictures.

Pinterest reminds me of a scrapbook that I had as a child, whereby I could stick things of interest into a large book. I had lots of scrap books, all about different things, from memorable family holidays to my favourite cupcake recipe. My scrapbooks contained photos, pictures, postcards, newspaper articles, in fact anything that I found interesting would be stuck inside. It was like a snapshot of the fun things in my life at that time.

Well Pinterest is similar, just more up to date due to modern technology! It’s a great way of sharing information, ideas, photos and pictures with family, friends and like minded people. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the gorgeous things you find on the web and then allows you to ‘pin’ them online, just as you would previously have stuck them into a scrap book or pinned them onto a noticeboard.

What’s also great about Pinterest is that it is now very easy to set up. Previously you had to be invited or ask a friend who is already on Pinterest to send you an invite. But not any more. You can simply join straight away. And it’s free!

Here, at what to buy for kids,we are relatively new to Pinterest. We’ve just ‘pinned’ some fabulous pictures of cute and cuddly pillow pets, but using all the words in the world, really can’t explain how adorable these soft toys really are. Just take a look at our pinboard to view – that’s one of the great benefits of Pinterest. It’s instant! Why write reams and reams of description when a photo says it all!

If you are already on Pinterest please let us know. We’d love you to follow us on Pinterest and, of course, we’d love to follow you back. Our aim is to create Pinboards – lots of them – keeping you updated with all the fabulous gifts we find for children. We hope to feature titles such as, “Latest Range of Pillow Pets to Hit the UK,” or “Our Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kids 2012,” or “The Best New Gifts For Children we Found from the Autumn Fair” to name but a few. We want to keep you updated at all times and we believe Pinterest is a great way to do this!

Also, if you are not familiar with Pinterest why not join? Simply following this Pinterest Link . Once you’ve joined please let us know by simply following us on Pinterest. We can’t wait to share our photos and pictures with you.

By Lisa Bradburn

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