Water Play

01-Jun-2018 by Lisa Bradburn

With the summer fast approaching and the long six week holidays just around the corner it’s the perfect time to share with you another fun, loving summer activity! So this week’s blog  is all about water play…

But here’s something for you to think about! Why does water play always seem to be associated with the water tray at school and nursery? Why is this the only time people think you can play with water? Well, the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Don’t forget water play can be in the garden, bath, swimming pool or even the rain! Jumping in muddy puddles can be counted as water play surely?

There are so many educational benefits to water play, it seems so silly to leave them all in the classroom! That’s why we’re going to discuss 3 of the best educational benefits of water play in the hope that it will encourage you to take water play elsewhere and beyond the classroom.

Water play encourages hand eye coordination through pouring, squirting, scrubbing and squeezing. So at bath time, or in the paddling pool in the summer, have a set of squirters at the ready. With so many designs to choose from, dinos, farm animals, sea creatures, vehicles, there’s bound to be a set that will appeal to your little one! By simply giving children a bath squirter toy, they’ll begin to develop that all important hand eye – coordination without even knowing it.

teddy squirters

To improve gross motor skills in older kids and to encourage them to interact with siblings and friends, get them to dodge in and out of a sprinkler. The flower sprinklers must be the best! Another fun outdoor activity to improve gross motor skills is to have a water fight with super soakers or water bombs, on a warm summer’s day.

Water play activities can also develop kids’ imaginations and enhance their creativity. With water toys such as Barber In The Tub, and Minilotta bath doll, kids can get involved in numerous role play situations at bath time. You can also add a few plastic dinosaurs, under the sea creatures, penguins and polar bears to the water and then the kids can create a range of different habitats and worlds to explore.

And with a diving set, kids can enter the wonderful world of make believe in the swimming pool, as they search for treasure…This fun idea not only encourages imaginative play but it will also help them to develop gross motor skills as they practice their swimming and diving techniques whilst on the hunt for treasure. Will your little one take on the role of being a jolly little pirate or magical little mermaid?

There are so many water and bath toys on the market, that promote learning through play. Isn’t this just the best way for our children to learn?

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