Most Useful Gifts For Kids And Very Appealing Too!

19-Jun-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

How many of us have bought gifts for kids that end up either unopened and put in a cupboard somewhere ?

Also, how many of us have bought gifts for children that have been one day wonders?

How many of us can say that we have found presents for kids that are not only loved by them but also used every day?

Well I can honestly say that I have found the perfect gift for children. Pillow Pets and Travel Pillows

are the answer.

Pillow Pets- Great Gifts For Kids

I bought the lamb travel cushion and pig travel cushion for my daughters when they were 10 and 14. They absolutely loved them when they arrived – they were so cute, cuddly and really soft. They have snuggled up to them every night since. Not just fantastic at bedtime but they have been huge hits to take to sleepovers, doubling up as a soft toy as well as an animal pillow. We also took them away with us on holiday last year. Taking them on the plane was perfect. I couldn’t believe how many people commented on what a novel idea.

Now when my girls go to birthday parties they always choose to take an animal pillow as the present. With lots of designs to choose from my daughters’ friends can all have different animal designs.

As these kids’ travel pillows have proved so very popular I was delighted to discover that the very popular My Pillow Pets range were coming to the UK. When they arrived my 11 year old daughter just couldn’t wait to unwrap and try out the penguin. Polly (as she calls it) has been her bedtime companion ever since. Pillow Petsare soft, comfortable, cute and just adorable. I am really looking forward to taking Polly with us on holiday this summer.

I will be interested to compare her to the animal travel pillows. They are not as small, compact and lightweight as the kids travel pillows measuring in at 18inches. However all the reviews I have read so far from customers in the States comment on how great Pillow Pets are as bedtime companions and animal travel pillows.

So if you are looking for presents for kids that won’t spend most of their life time in the cupboard then pillow pets and animal pillows are the answer. We stock many designs at what to buy for kids so please visit our website to view the full range. These really do make truly wonderful gifts for kids.

Already have a my pillow pet or animal travel cushion? Then please let us know what you think of them. We would love to hear your views.

By Lisa Bradburn

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