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13-Jul-2016 by Lisa Bradburn

Perfect Size For Travelling

The school holidays are approaching fast and many of us are thinking about going on holiday. So just how do you keep the kids entertained on a long journey? I know they’ve got ipads, tablets, electronic games, and the good old faithful story books and colouring sets, but what other fun games and puzzles are available?

Below I’ve listed some of my favourite games and puzzles, all worth packing in your suitcase, travel bag or hand luggage. Guaranteed to keep the kids entertained whilst travelling or amused when they arrive at their holiday destination.

Orchard Toys Mini Games – Beetle Game

The old Beetle game was a timeless classic enjoyed by millions of adults and kids, but thanks to Orchard Toys this modern updated Build a Beetle game is set to enchant a brand new generation of kids!
Instead of drawing the beetle on a piece of paper, kids can build a beetle instead!

Build a Beetle Mini Game 1Kims Game

Bite Size Kim’s Game

This is a fun memory game anyone can play!
The clock is ticking and you have just one minute to memorise as many pictures as you can.
Then the cards are flipped over and your memory skills are put to the test.
How many pictures can you remember? You’ll need to recall more than your opponents to win the game.

Katamino Travel Game

Katamino is the game that gets kids thinking.
Based on the principles of geometry, Katamino is a fun challenge with several levels of difficulty.
Kids use logic and observational skills to fit the pieces together and create different patterns.
They will love the funky colours and will get a real sense of pride as they solve each challenge.

Katamino Tantrix Puzzle


Tantrix is the addictive strategy game that was voted “Puzzle of the Year” in Australia and this set provides the perfect introduction to the game.
Simple to learn, this colour-matching puzzle offers varying levels of difficulty making it perfect for beginners or experts.
This set contains ten hexagonal colour-coded, numbered tiles; enough for ten graded solitaire puzzles.

Sudoku Challenge

The perfect introduction to Sudoku for kids.
The numerical challenge game Sudoku is popular the world-over.
Not only is it totally addictive but it’s a great way to improve problem-solving, memory and observation skills.
This Sudoku Challenge helps kids get to grips with the basics of Sudoku in a fun way.

Soduku Challenge Matilda times tables game

Matilda Times Tables Game

Learn Times Tables in a fun loving way with Roald Dahl’s Matilda.
Educational, but fun card games for kids.
Some of the games are fun warm-up practice sessions, other are a race against the clock.
Guaranteed to make learning times tables fun!!!

Matilda What Am I?

So simple yet strangely addictive, this fun ‘What Am I?’ game will provide hours of entertainment.
Perfect size to even pop into a hand bag or pocket, so great to take if going out for tea!
Simply pick a card and without looking at it, stick the card to your forehead.
The other players will be able to see the mystery name on your card and by asking the right questions you will gather clues allowing you to guess the name.

matilda what am i gameTenzi


It’s the oh-so-simple dice game that everyone can play.
Easy to learn and fast to play, Tenzi is great whether you just have ten minutes to fill, or want to play for hours.
The aim is simple – be the first to roll all ten dice to the same value.
For more travel games and puzzle ideas head over to what2buy4kids – there you’ll find even more games and puzzles to keep the kids occupied and amused during the holiday.

Lisa is the managing director of what2buy4kids. Lisa’s wish is to make your job of finding a gift for the children in your life easier, or help you to take some of the time and frustration out of the search for that special gift for kids.

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