Things to do with Playdough This Summer

07-May-2014 by Lisa Bradburn

The summer holidays are fast approaching and as parents we are always looking for great activities to do with our children, and it’s an added bonus if you can keep the children entertained for hours at very little cost. One of my favourite activities, both as a parent and teacher, is playdough…. I recently published a guest post on YouBabyMeMummy that gave you an insight into my own personal experience of interacting and teaching children using Playdough.

Playdough is literally a material that your kids can use to model almost anything they can imagine. However, you don’t have to buy Playdough – you can easily make your own Playdough at home, either once your kids have gone to bed, or actually with them if you prefer.

Making Playdough

Making Playdough with children can indeed be a very enjoyable activity and can be used as a great teaching and learning tool – measuring out amounts and counting how many cupfuls for example. There are certainly many Playdough recipes you can choose from, but the one I use is so quick and easy. This recipe can be found on another recent guest post of mine on  InThePlayRoom

Colouring Playdough

You’re probably thinking that presenting your child with a yucky white coloured Playdough doesn’t quite have the same impact as the brightly coloured shop bought  Play-doh. But you can create the same effect by simply adding some food colouring. Colouring Playdough can actually help with kids learning too – not only is it great for colour recognition, but if you let them experiment with mixing colours, the results are amazing!!! For example make a tub of blue playdough and another batch of yellow, and then let the children mix it together and see what happens!!!

Creative Playdough

Once you colour your Playdough, they’ll be no going back!!! Kids will be entertained for hours, begging you to make more and more in all the colours of the rainbow. A great idea, especially at Christmas or bonfire night is to add glitter. Sparkly playdough – I’ve never seen that in shops, have you?

Scented Playdough

Your kids will no doubt enjoy playing with colourful and glittery Playdough but sometimes the smell of playdough can be a bit off putting. You can however go a step further to make a scented Playdough to enhance their play activities. There are lots of scents that you can add to Playdough including lemon, lavender, coffee and peppermint to name just a few.

What I love about Playdough is the fact that it is not just a “toy”. Playdough can be a valuable educational tool as well. You can effectively teach your kids so much from a lump of Playdough. You can teach them about colours, shapes, sizes, numbers, letters and even smell!

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  1. You can’t beat playdough for keeping kids entertained! It’s great 🙂 And thanks for the guest post Lisa, people are loving it

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