Teddy-Dog On His Best Walk Review

18-Jun-2018 by Lisa Bradburn

Reading books is something children either love or hate! One child will spend hours and hours reading books in a quiet and tranquil area, whilst another child will refuse to pick up a book and reading is a constant battle. So, knowing that encouraging kids to read can be a rather difficult task I’m always on the lookout for fun ways to encourage the reluctant reader to read. It can be as simple as finding an interesting and eye catching book, like the one we have just been asked to review!

We were delighted when this request hit our desk – to review an e -book called Teddy-Dog On His Best Walk. To be honest with you I’ve not heard very much about the book, so I was happy to see what it was all about and I was hoping that it would be a book that would make it into my list of “Great Reads For Kids”

It’s a lovely story, especially for little dog lovers – very appropriate for us as we have just picked up our black cocker spaniel puppy.

The story is all about Teddy- Dog and what makes him happy not forgetting what type of walks he likes best. It’s a great little book for kids.

The story is nice and simple, and it is also very easy for little kids to relate to. This is key in a children’s book because if the story is too complex then they lose concentration in seconds! As the story unfolds you discover lots of different types of walks that Teddy-Dog has been on, whether that’s to the seaside, park, town etc… The ending is very sweet and has a lovely twist to it but I won’t go in to detail and of course I won’t spoil it for you!

This book is quite special and I particularly love the rhyming within the story, as it makes for an easy read and flows nicely off the tongue. Another benefit of rhyming stories is that the children quickly grasp the words and start to join in! The repetitive text is also a great feature to the story, and this too also allows very young children to take part and join in. For the reluctant reader it gives them confidence in their own reading, as they very quickly will be able to read the story independently or with very little help.

My final point to discuss is that the book has an element of freshness to it, and it was lovely to see photos in contrast to drawn illustrations.  The photos really brought the story to life making it more special and realistic.

I would most definitely recommend the story for young children, as they can easily relate to the everyday situations within the book, whether they have a dog or not! It’s also perfect for a reluctant reader due to its repetitive nature. So if you’re looking for a new bedtime story or something to help your little one improve their reading skills give Teddy – Dog a go! This is the second book in the series, so if your children love this one, I’m sure that the first story Teddy-Dog In A Runaway Adventure, will be a great hit, especially if it follows similar patterns.

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