Stocking Fillers For Kids – Spread The Cost

01-Oct-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

Christmas is always a very busy and expensive time of the year for most parents – so how can we spread the cost over the festive period? As we all know it’s very difficult to buy large and expensive Christmas gifts for kids too earlier as they are constantly changing their minds about what they would like from Father Christmas that particular year. How many of us have children that decide on a new bike in September and by the end of November they then want the latest phone or gadget that has just come out?

So here’s an idea I have used over the past few years for my kids and it seems to work a treat. My aim is to buy a few stocking fillers for them each month in the run up to Christmas. I normally start looking as the kids go back to school. I find that this is a great way to spread the cost and I also find it really enjoyable and easy to do. If I see something cute or cool in the shops or online for my kids, I buy it and put it away as a stocking filler. It’s amazing how quickly the sack of stocking fillers mounts up. Using this approach I don’t become stressed, as I know I have lots of time till Christmas. As a result I never see buying stocking fillers for my kids as a chore and I never reach that panic buying stage in early December.

From now until Christmas, there’s lots of great gift ideas for kids both on the high street and online. So let’s make the buying of stocking fillers for kids easy this year – Please share with us any great gifts for kids that you find that would make fabulous stocking fillers. Please feel free to take a look at my Pinterest board on Stocking Fillers For Kids or my blog on Great Stocking Fillers for Kids aged 7 to 12 ( all under a £5)

By Lisa Bradburn

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