St. David’s Day Daffodil Art

10-Feb-2018 by Lisa Bradburn

St. David’s Day Daffodil Art

Spring is in the air – the sun is shining, and the garden is beginning to wake up. When I see the daffodil bulbs coming up, it reminds me that Spring is well and truely on the horizon. Not only do the bright yellow daffodils remind me of Spring, but also of St. David’s Day.

As you probably know St. David’s Day is on the 1st March, and in our household, we always celebrate it with vases full of daffodils and homemade pictures of daffodils and cards too.

We love art and craft activities in our house, the messier the better, so this year the kids were keen to create daffodils using their hands and fingers. Just follow the instructions below:

You’ll need:

  • Yellow Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Old kitchen roll tube
  • Orange tissue or crepe paper
  • Green paint
  • 3 x Green Pipe Cleaners
  • White Card
  • Scissors
  • PVA Glue


How to make our daffodil picture:

  1. We painted our hands using the paintbrush and yellow paint (this is a much better technique than dipping your hand in paint, and far less messy!)
  2. Stamp your hand down in the middle of the white card to create the yellow petals.
  3. Wash your hands
  4. Using scissors cut the kitchen roll tube (approx an 8th – adult might need to help here)
  5. Using the orange tissue paper/crepe weave in and outaround the kitchen roll tube to create the trumpet ( crepe paper won’t tear as easily)
  6. Stick the trumpet using PVA glue in the middle of the handprint.
  7. Fill the trumpet with scrunched up orange tissue paper/crepe paper
  8. Use 3 green pipe cleaners  to create the stem of the daffodil.
  9. Finally using the green paint finger print the leaves (we did 4 leaves but you can do more or less)

And there you have it our Beautiful Daffodil Picture!

As you know we love flower arts & crafts in our family, so if you have any other brilliant ideas please leave them in the comments below so we can go ahead and try them out!

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