Sand Activities to Spark the Imagination and Develop Creativity

24-May-2018 by Lisa Bradburn

Are you heading down to the beach this summer? If so, why not try out some of these fun activities with the kids – all of which are guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours, whilst sparking their imaginations and developing their creativity!

One of my all-time favourite sand activities to do with the kids is to make sand castles – whatever age they are, they always love to make them! All you need is a couple of buckets and spades and wet sand of course!!!! Younger kids will love making simple ones, with the help of an adult, whilst older kids can add a moat or even make a fort! Once the kids have made their sand castles, encourage them to decorate them with shells, pebbles, flags, feathers and even ice lolly sticks! A lovely additional play opportunity includes adding a few knights, army, princesses or even dinosaur figures. This little trick adds even more excitement – and is also a great way to spark that all important imagination.

Or, as an alternative, why not use Melissa & Doug’s sand toys to create a cake/ice cream shop or cafe! Their sand baking set or sand ice cream set really does encourage role play and spark the imagination.

When down on the beach, shell collecting is another lovely activity to do with the kids. Grab a bucket, head down to the sea and start collecting an assortment of shells with the kids! Once the children have a bucketful encourage them to sort by colour, shape or type. Tower shells (the ones that look like ice cream cones) were always the rare ones when I was small, and the discovery of one of these filled us with excitement.

Shells are so versatile and clearly the fun doesn’t stop once you’ve collected them from the beach so here are some more fun activities to try, when back at home, such as:

making bracelets & necklaces
creating pictures
decorating a jam jar or pot to make a beautiful trinket box.

And don’t forget all the activities above are fabulous to help develop creativity too!

The third activity that I would recommend when down on the beach is to  make sure you’re on the look out for pebbles too – large or small, shiny or smooth – it really doesn’t matter. Once you have collected a fabulous assortment of different pebbles then have a go at making story stones. Draw pretty pictures on several of the smooth stones, e.g. a castle on one, a fairy on another, a dinosaur, a pirate etc… (you get the idea) and then encourage the kids to use their imaginations to create made up stories and adventures using the stones. Or alternatively dig out your arts & crafts box (filled with pipe cleaners, googly eyes, paints, glue etc) and you can make cute little rock creatures and animals out of the pebbles – mini beasts are my favourite creatures to make!

natural rocks

Another fun activity to do down on the beach is to draw pictures in the sand and to write your name in the sand. Simply find a long stick and set to work. Kids love to write their names down by the water’s edge and watch as the waves wash it away. Many love the challenge of trying to beat the tide by writing their name as quickly as possible before the tide washes it away. A great alternative to name writing is to create pictures in the sand. I also love creating a hopscotch board with the kids in the sand and then of course playing the game too.

There are so many more fun sand activities and I’m sure you have tried many out with your children. When you head to the beach what do your kids get up to? Perhaps it’s a game of football or rounders? Please share your fun activities with us and our readers?

Hope you enjoyed reading!


Lisa x


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