Presents For Kids – Sent Directly from the UK

05-Jul-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

Do you live in Australia, America, Canada, New Zealand – in fact anywhere abroad and do you send presents to children within the UK? Well, if you do, we would really like to help you. At What to buy for kids, you can now send kids’ gifts to loved ones in the UK benefitting from only being charged UK delivery.

Not only do we send all kids’ presents and gifts out first class, so you don’t have a long delivery time but we also wrap all childrens’ gifts in blue or pink tissue, at no extra cost. This means that the children can actually unwrap the present you send making it all the more special.

You can also add your own personal message to your kids’ gifts and you can remove the receipt from your order if required.

This service came about as I started to get more and more inquiries from ex pats and customers living abroad, asking about sending gifts to children in the UK. Many commented on how expensive international shipping can be, and that the shipping costs are sometimes more than the present itself!! They were also concerned about the length of time a parcel can take to arrive.

So if you need to send birthday presents or Christmas gifts to children in the UK later in the year, please take a look at all the gift ideas we have for children. It’s not only a great way to save money and ensure your gift will get there on time, but it will give the child that special experience, we all love to hear about.

As always we are very happy to help, so if you need any more information on UK delivery or sending kids’ gifts within the UK please leave us a comment or simply email us at

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By Lisa Bradburn

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