Pillow Pets UK – More Great Designs Coming Soon

10-Aug-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the original 18″ My Pillow Pets , new ranges of Pillow Pets are expected in the UK in September 2012.

The 11” Pee Wee Pillow Pet range are due to arrive first. These are smaller than the original 18” versions and will be available in the following designs – Magical Unicorn, Ms Ladybug, Silly Monkey, Comfy Panda, Playful Penguin, Bumbly Bee, Snuggly Puppy and Wiggly Pig.

There are also 4 new 18” Pillow Pets expected too. So look out for the Loveable Lamb, Cozy Cow, Sharky Shark and Pink Butterfly.

At what to buy for kids we will of course be stocking the Pee Wee Range as well as all the 18” Pillow Pets.

If you are buying Pillow Pets as gifts for children, please make sure they are genuine. There are a lot of cheap copies out there, many of which do not comply with toy safety regulations. So make sure you buy from a reputable Pillow Pets UK retailer.

If you would like be kept informed of all the new ranges of pillow pets – please contact us through our website and we will be more than happy to send you information hot off the press – I think the fantasy range and dinosaur collection are on the agenda for the run up to Christmas.

Last Christmas Pillow Pets were one of the must have gifts for children in America. As My Pillow Pets are already so popular in the UK, I believe they will be huge as Christmas presents for kids this year.

Pillow Pets are very popular gifts not just for very young children, but lots of older children love them too. So if you are looking for truly amazing presents for children then pillow pets will be perfect.

As always we are happy to give help and advice, so if you need any more information on Pillow Pets please contact us through our website: www.what2buy4kids.co.uk/contact-us.htm

By Lisa Bradburn

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