Pillow Pets – Four New Additions To The Pillow Pets UK Family

07-Sep-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

What to Buy for Kids is pleased to announce four new outstanding 18” Pillow Pet designs have joined the Pillow Pets UK family – so now there’s even more fabulous designs to choose from. The Pink Butterfly, the Sharky Shark, the Cozy Cow and the Loveable Lamb are the four new arrivals to hit the UK . All of them as cute and cuddly as all the original My Pillow Pets.

The new Pink Butterfly design is a truly gorgeous pillow pet for girls. Just look at those fabulous eye lashes – they really are to die for!!!

Pink Butterfly Pillow Pets
The Pink Butterfly Pillow Pet

It’s also great to see the Sharky Shark, as these pillow pet designs are fantastic gifts ideas for boys and I’m sure they will prove very popular too. Here at what to buy for kidswe have already sent out a Sharky Shark Pillow Pet to one of our boy testers. Can’t wait to find out what he thinks about it!

Sharky Shark Pillow Pets
The Sharky Shark Pillow Pet

So, there are now 12 Pillow Pets designs in the UK market, with more super soft designs due in for the run up to Christmas. So with such a good choice, the hardest decision you now have to make is which one to buy for your kids! I can guarantee that whichever my pillow pet you choose, your kids will fall in love with it. Pillow Pets really are great gift ideas for children of any age.

However, just be careful when buying My pillow pets to make sure they are genuine. Please take look at our previous blog Pillow Pets – Nothing Compares to the Real Thing to find out more. We would urge you to be really careful and make sure the pillow pet you choose is a genuine one. You don’t want your kids to be disappointed. You can be certain that at what2buy4kids.co.uk , all our pillow pets are genuine.

Everyone seems to have a particular favourite pillow pet.

Pillow Pets Panda
The Panda Pillow Pet

I think the Panda Pillow Pet is mine, but the new Butterfly Pillow Pet design is definitely a close second. I think it’s those adorable eyelashes!

So which is your favourite Pillow Pet? Please let us know.

By Lisa Bradburn

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