Pillow Pets Reviews – Great Presents For Kids

10-Jul-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

We have joined in on the Pillow Pet craze over the past few months by asking a group of children to test out these exciting new gifts for kids and give us their comments. We also asked their parents for their views on the My Pillow Pets Range too.

Here’s what the kids thought of Pillow Pets!

  • This Pillow Pet (ladybug) is the best. All my friends now want one. (Amy age 7)
  • What to buy for kids sent me the unicorn pillow pet to try out. I take her to bed with me every night. She’s so cute and cuddly. (Jessica age 9)
  • 10 out of 10. (Toby age 6)
  • Absolutely amazing – I took the Hippo pillow pet to my friend’s sleepover party. It’s my favourite toy and is just brilliant as a pillow too. (Sophie age 11)
  • I took the monkey pillow pet on the plane. I loved sleeping with it and it was really comfy. (James age 8)
  • So cuddly I never want to put it down! (Mollie age 7)
  • Just like the one on the telly – I love it. (Marcus age 5)

Comments from the Mums and Dads!

  • My daughter was so excited when the pillow pet arrived. Her face lit up. She has snuggled up to it every night since. A highly recommended toy. (Amy’s Mum)
  • Pillow Pets are unbelievably soft. I could quite happily cuddle up to the unicorn pillow pet myself. (Jessica’s Mum)
  • Can honestly say I had never seen the My Pillow Pets, until this one turned up from what to buy for kids for Toby to try out. Totally agree with Toby’s brief comment. Defo 10 out of 10 from parents too! (Toby’s Mum)
  • I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic these Pillow Pets are. Sophie just loves hers to bits. Was a great hit when she turned up with it to her friend’s sleepover. (Sophie’s Dad)
  • Great kids’ travel pillows. Kids can prop My Pillow Pets up against the airplane armrests to use them as pillows. They’re much more comfortable than airplane pillows. (James’ Dad)
  • I am pleased at how easy they are to wash, the label says they are machine washable. Have washed the penguin pillow pet and it looks as good as new. (Mollie’s Mum)
  • Marcus has gone on and on about these Pillow Pets, so was delighted when what to buy for kids asked us to try one out. Have to say they really are fantastic. So if you need presents for children of any age, I would recommend a pillow pet and the child will mostly definitely not be disappointed. (Marcus’ Mum)

I think it can be said that My Pillow Petsare great toys and brilliant presents for kids. A big thank you to all the children and parents for sending in their comments. We are delighted that so many of you loved the pillow pets we sent out.

Please let us know if you have a favourite pillow pet and if so which one? Comments from both children and adults would be greatly appreciated.

By Lisa Bradburn

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