Pillow Pets – New Designs In Time For Christmas

13-Nov-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

If you are a fan of Pillow Pets, then I’m sure you will be delighted with the new additions to the My Pillow Pets UK family. Four new Pillow Pets have arrived in the UK, all as adorable as ever.

The new My Pillow Pets UK family members include Sir Horse Pillow Pet – a great Pillow Pet for those horse mad girls out there.

There’s also Mr. Bear Pillow Pet – a classic, but fun loving design, which has been extremely popular in America. I’m sure it will do very well in the UK too.


Nutty Elephant Pillow Pet is very cute and cuddly. I think he’s my favourite of all the new designs.



Finally, to join the team is Huggable Hippo Pillow Pet. I think the name of this Pillow Pet just about sums them up! This one has a very cute face too, don’t you agree?


If you are not familiar with all the Pillow Pets available within the UK – there are now twenty one 18 inch My Pillow Pets in the Pillow Pets UK family, as well as eight Pee Wee Pillow Pets, which measure in at 11 inches.  At What to buy for kids we stock the full range.

If you are looking to purchase Pillow Pets as Christmas presents for kids this year, all I would say is make sure you buy the genuine My Pillow Pets, as the fake ones are very badly made and of very poor quality. You wouldn’t want tears on Christmas Day after all! Please take a look at one of my previous blogs on Pillow Pets, if you would like to know more about them.

Hot off the press, My Pillow Pets Hatsare now available to buy in the UK. Great fun gifts for kids and so cute to wear too. 6 designs available – Huggable Hippo, Snuggly Puppy, Playful Penguin, Friendly Frog, Silly Monkey and Comfy Panda. My favourite hat is the Huggable Hippo, which is yours?

By Lisa Bradburn

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