Football Pillow Pets – Chelsea and Spurs Mascot Designs

10-Nov-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

If your kids are mad about Chelsea FC or Tottenham FC, then they will most certainly go mad for one of these fabulous football Pillow Pets….

So they’ve got the kit, the posters on the wall and they dream of playing for their favourite football team one day. So what do you get for them next? Well, why not give them a Pillow Pet in the shape of their favourite team’s mascot? As they snuggle up to their Chelsea Pillow Pet (Stamford Lion) or Tottenham Pillow Pet (Chirpy Cockerel) they can dream away about scoring that winning goal in front of 50,000 cheering fans.  And if their football bursts they can always use the velcro strap to make the Pillow Pet into a ball and kick it around for a bit of indoor footy (only joking!)


Although I think these three football Pillow Pets are amazing and great gifts for kids, I was a little disappointed that only three football clubs feature in the Pillow Pets UK world at the moment. Not only that, but they are all football clubs in the south of England too! As so many kids love football and love supporting their own team, I would love to see pillow pets featuring football clubs such as  Man United, Man City, Liverpool FC, Newcastle FC, Celtic to name but a few.

Please let us know your opinions, so that we can pass them on to the powers that be! Would you like to see other Football Pillow Pets and if so which ones?

By Lisa Bradburn

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