Pillow Pets Fantasy Range – 18 Inch My Pillow Pets

09-Oct-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

Just in time for Christmas, these fabulous 18 inch Pillow Pets have arrived in the UK. All the soft toys in the pillow pets UK range make great gifts for kids, but these limited edition fantasy my pillow pets really are amazing. Like all the original My Pillow Pets, these guys are 18 inch super soft cuddly soft toys that turn into luxury pillows.

So which pillow pets are in the fantasy range?

There are five new designs for you to choose from.

My Blue Dinosaur Pillow Pet – All kids love dinosaurs, especially boys, so these pillow pets are ideal gift ideas for children this Christmas. All you have to decide is whether to choose the blue or green one.

My Green Dinosaur Pillow Pet – Another fabulous super soft my pillow pet. Kids will love to snuggle up to this green dinosaur 18 inch pillow pet. These pillow pets make wonderful travel companions too.

My Dreamy Ladybug Pillow Pet – Such a cute pillow pet for girls. Great to take to sleepovers or for that overnight stay at grandma and granddads.

My Unicorn Pillow Pet – If girls love the Magical Unicorn Pillow Pet, then they are sure to fall in love with this pillow pet. I love both of the unicorn pillow pets, so really wouldn’t know which one to choose!

My Dizzy Dragon Pillow Pet – To be honest, I wasn’t too sure of this pillow pet when I first saw it, but I do have to say it really grows on you. I think it will be very popular as Christmas gifts for younger boys.

What I would say is this…! If you are thinking about buying pillow pets for your kids this Christmas, my advice is to buy early. Pillow petsare extremely popular already and I wouldn’t want your children disappointed when they wake up on Christmas morning.

By Lisa Bradburn

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