Microwave Teddy and Toys – Great Gifts Ideas For Kids

22-Oct-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

Microwaveable toys – so many designs, styles and types to choose from.  So what’s the difference and which do you choose? As far as I can see with microwave soft toys and teddies, you need to decide whether you want the fully microwavable animals or the ones where you remove the tummy insert and then heat in the microwave.

Fully Microwavable Puppy

The great thing about our range of Microwavable Hotties is that they are so easy to use. You simply put the whole toy into the microwave to warm it up. This not only warms up your microwave soft toy or teddy, but releases a soothing lavender aroma too.

Cozy Hotties

For those of you who prefer the microwave toys, which have the removable tummy bag – these too are very easy to use. You just remove the wheat bag and place it in the microwave. Once heated up, simply put it back into the soft toy. Within seconds the warmth penetrates through, ready for that cozy cuddle.

Fully Microwavable Cozy Plush Bear

If you are looking for the fully microwave soft toys, I would recommend the Intelex Cozy Plush collection – Three sizes exist – the smallest being the cozy plush juniors, followed by the Cozy Plush range, with the cozy plush premium collection being the largest.

The Aroma Home Animal Hottie Collection is a must, if you are looking for microwave toys, where you remove the tummy wheat bag. Due to overwhelming popularity, two sizes exist this year – The cuddly hottie range and the cozy hottie range – the cuddly hotties being larger. Microwave teddies and toys are really lovely presents for kids.

Cuddly Hotties

Children will just love snuggling up to a cuddly soft toy that is toasty warm too. Whichever style you choose, microwave soft toys and teddies are bound to keep your kids cozy warm this winter.

However, if you are looking a microwave toy with a difference why not consider the Hot Dog range – these are gorgeous cuddly dogs that not only flatten out into luxury pillows, but have a wheat bag inside that can be warmed up in the microwave too. These are fantastic gift ideas for kids.

New to the microwave toy world are these cute and cuddly rag dolls. The removable tummy insert can be warmed up in the microwave. These are very popular gifts for girls and they also double up as fabulous pyjama cases!

By Lisa Bradburn


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