Heatable Rag Dolls – Gorgeous Gifts For Girls This Christmas

26-Oct-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

Can you remember having a rag doll as a child? Well I’m sure many of us can. Rag dolls have always been very popular gifts for girls, but these gorgeous rag dolls come with a difference. They can be warmed up!

Heatable Rag Doll – Olivia

Just look at that cute face. As a child, I can remember having my very own rag doll and I absolutely loved her. She was called Emma and I used to take her to bed with me every night. She was so cute and cuddly. So I was very excited when these heatable rag dollscame onto the market. It really took me back to my childhood and I couldn’t resist buying them for my girls.

Microwavable Rag Doll – Candy

As previously mentioned not only are these rag dolls adorable, but microwavable too. My girls can now go to bed with a warm cozy cuddle. Very easy to use. Simply remove the tummy insert and place into the microwave for about a minute. Replace, and let your girls cuddly them as they fall fast asleep. They also release a lavender aroma as they are heated up, helping your girls have a restful, peaceful night’s sleep.

So if you are looking for birthday presents for girls or even Christmas gifts, why not consider one of these beautiful rag dolls?  They certainly will put a smile on someone’s face.

Heatable Rag Doll Ellie

So which rag doll is your favourite? Is it Candy with the golden blonde hair or maybe Ellie? Mine is Olivia, as she really does remind me not just of the rag doll I had as a child, but of my daughters too!

By Lisa Bradburn

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