Happy Salmon Game

27-Jun-2018 by Lisa Bradburn

As always we are on the hunting for new toys and games to share with you, so we were thrilled when we stumbled across the game, Happy Salmon. This is a fun fast paced game that the whole family can play.

How to play Happy Salmon

Each player is dealt cards face down and then everyone turns over their top cards and calls out the action shown. When two players have a match they must perform the action on the card together and then discard that card. Players keep doing this until the first player to lose all their cards wins! Actions include the classic “high 5”, the unifying “pound it”, the frantic “Switcheroo”, and the delightful “happy salmon.”

Why we like Happy Salmon?

First and foremost it’s probably the happiest game ever and will leave players doubled over in laughter. It’s simple to learn and easy to play and it’s a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The “FIN-tastically” unique and cute fish pouch makes Happy Salmon perfect for travelling and holidays.

Where to buy Happy Salmon?

This Happy Salmon Game is available to buy from the independent online toy retailer, what2buy4kids, but due to it’s huge popularity, it can be found on the shelves of most good toy shops.

To sum up, Happy Salmon is a highly addictive game for the whole family and one that we would most definitely recommend.

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