Gift Ideas to Help Keep Your Kid Warm this Winter

17-Sep-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

Here in the UK, there’s a real Autumn feel in the air, especially first thing in the morning and in the evening. The nights are drawing in and it really is beginning to get colder. Here’s a few great gift ideas for kids to keep them snuggly warm this winter.

Keep kids warm with a onesie! Onesies are just fabulous all in one pyjamas. They’re not just for girls, boys are wearing them too. In fact there are onesies for everyone! They seem to be the hottest bedtime fashion item this year, especially for kids and that’s why they make really cool gift ideas for children. They will definitely keep the kids warm this winter. Great for lounging around in too. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as snuggling up in your onesie when it’s cold, snowy or rainy outside.

Onesies are avaible in many different styles and designs. Some oneseies come with hoods, while others have feet attached. This year onesies are so easy to find. There’s lots of great choice online and in the high street stores. M&S have some really cute designs for younger girls, whereas Next have a great selection for boys. For older girls, Primark is worth a visit, as is New Look. If you are looking for onesies for teenagers it’s worthwhile shopping at Republic, or Bank.

Don’t forget to keep your kids feet warm this winter too. I always say, if their feet are warm their whole body will stay warm too. I know some children are reluctant to wear slippers, but with the great choice of novelty animal slippers on the market, children will just love to keep their animal slippers on their feet.

Kids love soft cuddly toys, so think about ones that will keep them warm and cozy at bedtime. There’s a huge selection of microwave soft toys on the market. Within the microwave soft toys range, there are two options – either fully microwave teddies and toys where you put the whole toy into the microwave or ones that have a removable tummy wheat bag. Both types have a soothing lavender aroma to aid a restful night’s sleep. microwaveable hotties are extremely popular gift ideas for kids and the choice of microwave toys is vast.

Traditional hot water bottles are great to keep kids warm too. However, we are struggling to find gorgeous cuddly traditional hot water bottles that are appealing to children. If you have any great gift ideas for kids hot water bottles or any other suggestion that will compliment our ideas then please let us know.

By Lisa Bradburn

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