My Pillow Pets – nothing compares to the real thing.

12-Jun-2012 by pauld

Did you know that My Pillow Pets arrived in the UK this Spring?

As seen on TV, kids are talking about them everywhere. My Pillow Pets are more than popular; they are one of the most begged for, sought after gifts for kids.For those of you not in the know, a Pillow Pet is just what the name suggests: a pillow on the underside with a pet on the top. They have a Velcro strap that allows the animal to sit up when not in use. At the moment there are 12 different designs in the UK to choose from – bunnies, pigs, ladybugs, unicorns, puppies, pandas, bees, monkeys etc…. They make wonderful gifts for girls and gifts for boys .

Buy Genuine Pillow Pets From What 2 Buy 4 Kids

However, are you aware of the huge number of fake, cheap and badly made versions in shops and online? – I often think of the saying, “too good to be true” and I think this just about sums it up. Companies selling very cheap My Pillow Pets – there has to be a catch!

So I would urge you to make sure by double checking that you are buying the genuine pillow pet product from an official stockist.

There’s nothing more disappointing than your kids opening the parcel to discover they have been sent an imposter.

So to avoid all those tears and unhappy faces make sure you buy genuine pillow pets for your kids. Genuine pillow pets are the softest, most comfortable, cutest, soft toy animal pillows. They are extremely well made and of the highest quality and conform to all safety standards. They come branded with the logo on the paw too.

What to buy for kids is an official stockist of My Pillow Pets, so you can order from us knowing that whichever pillow pet you choose it will certainly be genuine.

I know many of us have already been caught out when purchasing pillow pets – so please share your stories with us….

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