Kids’ Travel Pillows – Funky Airheads Pillows with Neck Support

16-Nov-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

Have you seen these new kids’ travel pillows? Twelve funky animal designs to choose from.

New super cool animal funky airheads are great travel accessories for kids. They are inflatable kids’ travel pillows that come with neck support. Just perfect when travelling with the kids and they have many great advantages.

Firstly, kids will love taking them on holiday or on any journey, whether it be a car, train or plane. The hardest decision they have to make is choosing which is their favourite funky airhead!

Secondly, they are very easy to use – to inflate your Funky Airhead simply blow up the pillow.

Very compact too – as these Funky Airheads can be inflated and deflated, they hardly take up any room in hand luggage and are very lightweight too.

Supports the neck – these Funky Airheads fit snuggly around the neck, so not only will they give great support, but will allow your kids to fall asleep feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Last, but by no means least – they are washable.  A very useful, but practical feature! We all know how messy and dirty kids can get, especially when travelling on a long journey, so to wash your funky airhead, simply remove the outer covering and pop into the washing machine. Soon your soft and cuddly funky airhead will be as good as new again!

If you know of any kids travelling this Christmas or going on holiday next year, then these funky airheads are great as gift ideas for children of any age. Really useful practical gifts for kids and I would highly recommend them!

By Lisa Bradburn

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