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Why We Love Southport & Its Beach


Trying to find ways to occupy the children at the weekend or during the holidays can be tricky. Either they lose interest within 10 minutes or the activity costs an absolute bomb. There are lots and lots of places to visit from the park to the zoo to a theme park and the farm but … Continue reading Why We Love Southport & Its Beach

teddy squirters

Water Play


With the summer fast approaching and the long six week holidays just around the corner it’s the perfect time to share with you another fun, loving summer activity! So this week’s blog  is all about water play…

Sand Activities to Spark the Imagination and Develop Creativity


Are you heading down to the beach this summer? If so, why not try out some of these fun activities with the kids – all of which are guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours, whilst sparking their imaginations and developing their creativity!


Half Term Fun: Autumn Orienteering with the Gruffalo at Delamere Forest


Half term will soon be here, and if you’re like me, you’ll be making plans to keep the kids busy and entertained. I love Autumn and I think there’s no better time to get out in nature with kids. It’s the falling leaves, gorgeous colours and so many little thing to find like acorns, conkers, … Continue reading Half Term Fun: Autumn Orienteering with the Gruffalo at Delamere Forest

How to Get Kids Excited About Gardening


One activity that I have always enjoyed with my kids from the time they were very young was gardening. There’s nothing better than working side by side with your little one, getting your hands dirty, watching things grow and then tending and caring for your flowers and vegetables.


#KidsActivityHour – Join Us On Twitter


what2buy4kids in association with The Toy Hunter is proud to announce the launch of a new and exciting Kids Activity Hour!