Bulb Planting & Plant Pot Decorating

15-Sep-2016 by Lisa Bradburn

We thoroughly enjoyed planting our sunflower seeds during the summer and we’re so impressed with the outcome, that this week on #KidsActivityHour, we thought we’d do a spot of bulb planting and plant pot decorating. Two great fun activities for you to try out with your kids at home.

We recommend you do this week’s activities in two stages.

Decorating a plant pot  – Stage 1

This is such a great thing to do with the kids and a great activity as all children can succeed. We had a go at making one pot into Winnie The Pooh, another into Mickey Mouse, and we also decorated one pot by adding sticky shapes, stickers etc… nice and easy for younger children to do.

decorated pot painitnig

Top Tips

If you are planning to keep your pots outside, make sure you choose frost free ones, use a saucer to keep them off the ground, and use outdoor paint.

Once your masterpieces have been created, make sure you leave them to dry, before completing stage two of this week’s #KidsActivityHour.

Bulb Planting – Stage 2

We’d recommend daffodil bulbs for the planting and this is what we used, but hyacinths work just as well.

Simply put some compost into your decorated pot, then add 3-5 bulbs, making sure that they are pushed well down into the soil. Top up the pot, so that no bulbs are showing. Water the bulbs, but do not drench them – the soil should feel moist to the touch.

bulbs-22 filling pot

Top Tip

A watering can with a sprinkler nozzle works best, especially with younger children.

Watering-Can-Kit blueWatering-Can-and-Gloves

Then put your pot in a dark place, an under-stair cupboard works well.

The only thing you then need to do is check once a week that your bulbs don’t dry out and add a little water if necessary.

Once you see shoots then bring the bulbs out into the open, but don’t put in direct sunlight – a north facing dull room is best, and then as your plants start to mature, place on a window sill and enjoy your creations.

winnie Mickey

Top Tip

It will take a while for your shoots to appear, so don’t worry. Remember your daffodil bulbs should flower in the spring, so I would expect shoots to show December – January, for blooming daffodils in February.

As we thought that this activity is a long term one, we have decided to give a prize in February for the most creative pot and daffodils. So put a note in your diary and send all your pictures to us week beginning the 13th February 2017. Judging will take place during #KidsActivityHour that week.

So happy plant pot decorating and bulb planting!!! We can’t wait to see all your fabulous creations.

compost compost

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We really hope you enjoyed this week’s Kids Activity Hour and we look forward to you joining us again next week, Thursday 1pm – 2pm on Twitter.

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