British Expats – Sending Kids Christmas Gifts in the UK

11-Oct-2012 by Lisa Bradburn

If you are a British Expat or live abroad and need to send children’s gifts in the UK this Christmas, my advice is to ‘Use A UK Retailer’. I’ve just been stung with a huge postage bill – I needed to send a present to a friend’s little boy in the United States and couldn’t believe how expensive it was!

How many of us constantly say, the shipping was almost as much as the present itself? How many of us also would love to send a certain gift and then send an alternative that’s much lighter so as to cut down on the delivery costs? Not only that, but sending presents abroad has more chance of getting lost and can sometimes take weeks, not days to arrive.

Novelty Animal Slippers

So if you need to send UK presents to kids this year, I would strongly recommend using a UK retailer. You are in a win win situation. You can choose the exact kids’ presents you would like to send and send them at a fraction of the cost.


Zoob Model Rocket

You might not be aware but some great gift ideas for kids in the UK this Christmas include Pillow Pets, Zoob Construction Kits, Microwavable Hotties, Science Toys, Animal Slippers, Baking Sets, Gardening Kits, or Mobile Phone Holders – the list is endless.

Microwavable Puppy

There’s lots of websites, all selling a fantastic choice of presents this Christmas. The problem I have with many websites is that they don’t specialize purely in children’s gifts. However at what to buy for kids – our website is specially designed for kids – Kids’ Gifts Is All We Do!

Animal Popper – Santa

Also at What to buy for kids you have the added advantage of all our children’s gifts being tissue gift wrapped at no extra charge – This means that every gift you choose, for those very special children, will arrive all wrapped up ready to be unopened on Christmas Day. There’s also the facility to add a personal message to your kids’ gifts if you so wish.

So if you would like any more information on sending kids’ gifts within the UK, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. We pride ourselves in offering a great personal service to all our customers.

By Lisa Bradburn

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