About Us


Meet Lisa and Emma,
We are a mum and daughter team in the search of finding fun, educational toys for kids, that they will not only love, but that will spark their imaginations too!

Being an ex-primary school teacher and mum of 3, has given me a valuable insight into how kids develop and learn and I firmly believe that one of the best ways for children to learn is through play. Emma has taken these beliefs on board and has strong opinions on finding toys that encourage kids to use their imaginations and decrease the amount of screen time.

We work hard to provide articles that give you useful insights into how toys can be exploited for educational benefit. We are also interested in sharing ideas on children’s activities, that not only make use of various toys, but help encourage creativity, spike the imagination, promote social skills, or aid physical and mental development of your child.

We are widely known in a ‘toy expert’ capacity with coverage on the BBC and Sunday Times Style Magazine, In 2014 we also took part in the Visa Personal Shopper Twitter campaign, giving advice and help on the best toys to buy that Christmas.